Why Do You Need a School Management System?

Why Do You Need a School Management System?

Monday, Dec 10, 2018

Gone are the days when parents used to queue up in front of schools for every single procedure like admission, paying the fees, or even meeting the teachers! Now parents need a school that allow them to communicate, collaborate, make payments, get updates, progress reports, etc. from the convenience of their home or office. Today, everyone is in a rush, and people are used to getting things at the touch of a finger. Why should it be any different for schools? If schools are not prepared for the future, how are the students supposed to progress?

    The advantages of having a management software or ERP system is too obvious to miss or overlook. Here’s a look at a few crucial differentiators:
  • Efficiency: Storing data at a central database makes it easy to manage and retrieve. Data is also kept consistent and up-to-date.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Manual processes involve overhead expenses in the form of staff salaries, benefits, cost of training and infrastructure, etc., which in turn affect the revenue of the institutes. Automated and streamlined processes leads to better training and resource management and saves on administrative costs and manual labour.
  • Improved Communication: Communication between key stakeholders is essential for the smooth functioning of any institution. Regular interaction helps both parents and teachers to guide the students towards success in their endeavours. Faster and regular access to students’ information and details leads to informed decisions that may be crucial for a student’s future.
  • Instant Messages: Instant messaging and notifications helps reach out to parents in case of emergencies or important notices and updates.
  • Security: A school management software improves accuracy, consistency and security of data. Data can only be accessed only through a valid login ID and password, thus keeping track of all data accessed in real time.
  • Automated Reports: Generating reports becomes quick, easy and also customizable. With auto grading and analyzing capabilities, progress reports are no longer a headache for teachers!
  • Eco-friendly: Going paperless helps save the environment and saves you the hassle of storing file after file! All data can be stored effectively on cloud or at premises without worrying about space constraints.
  • Automation: Modules like automated attendance, time-table creation, automated library management, etc. leave enough time for the teachers to take special care of the weaker students.
  • Fees and Accounting: Fee management and accounting software makes sure every penny received and spent is accounted for. Right from fees due to late fees, fees for special courses, transport, etc. are streamlined, accurate and free from manual errors, making the whole system more transparent and secure.
  • Enhanced Brand Value: A school with a futuristic approach will attract the best talents and create a name for itself in the educational arena.

There may be many lame excuses for not using an automated school management system, like: it’s expensive, or the staff is not ready, or it will take time, etc. etc. But here is one good reason for trying it: accountability of man, money and material. So why not try using it?

To burst all sort of myths and step into the world of digitalization, call us for a free demo or consultation. We will tell you how we helped over 500 schools to go digital and improve their administration process.

A school management system is not just an option today, it is a necessity!