Why Choose a Web-Based School Management System

Why Choose a Web-Based School Management System

Monday, Dec 17, 2018

You may feel that a traditional desktop school management system is doing fine. Why should you opt for a cloud-based one?

Well, the answer is simple. It offers you much more…

The advantages of an online student information management system are many as compared to school server solutions or installed software solutions.

Firstly, it saves your school time and money. Since data is stored on remote servers, you need not buy servers for your school. Also, there is no need of installing software on your systems and spending time and money in getting them upgraded or updated. All you need is a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. and you are ready to go! Also, no worries about minimum software requirements or incompatibilities.

Secondly, you need not hire full-time technical support staff for your school to maintain the servers. Just an email, call, text or whatsapp message to your service provider can take care of your problems.

Thirdly, no software installation and no server set-up means that your system is ready to go within the shortest possible time!

Systems based on installed software have limited access. On the other hand, cloud-based systems can be accessed from anywhere at any time with the right login ID and password. This makes it all the more easier for end-users, especially parents and guardians, to check reports, circulars, records, etc. or make instant payments through their smart phones and tablets.

You are also safe from risks involved in conventional software and storage facilities like infrastructural failure and data loss.

Finally, the flexibility and scalability a cloud-based solution offers is unparalleled. You may add on or remove services as required with the minimum inconvenience.

So, give us a call now and get a free trial of Jupsoft eConnect K-12 and see why over 500 schools have trusted us for their school management solutions. Let us take your school to the clouds!

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