Various benefits offered by integrating the school ERP System with RFID

Tuesday | November 26, 2019

Radio frequency Identification (RFID) is an advanced technology that is used by the educational institutions today. This technology will detect the ID card, object, book easily when these things are attached with an RFID chip using radio waves. The RFID readers that are available would detect the cards, books, and other objects at one go. The best school management system can be integrated easily with any of the RFID devices. It is easy to use RFID for managing the library, attendance and payroll on the staff. The RFID when integrated with the ERP system would turn all the manual works that are done by the people into automation

Few of the benefits that are offered by integrating an ERP school management software system
with an RFID include :

Manage attendance : The attendance management is totally automated by using the RFID devices. The RFID card is given to every student in the school and the student has to swipe this card at the school gate before entering the school premises. If the attendance for every subject has to be taken, then the RFID detectors would be placed outside the classrooms. If you want to take the attendance of students once, then you can place the detectors at the main entrance of the school or other places. When students swipe the card, the unique ID of the student is detected by the system and transfers this information to the ERP system. This reduces a lot of work load on the teachers and eliminates the whole process of managing attendance manually.

Boost the security of students : The school management software will send a notification or alerts to the parents of the kids regarding the attendance of their ward. Once the attendance is gathered by ERP, an email or message would trigger the mobiles or emails of the parents. This gives a lot of assurance to the parents that their kids are safe and have reached school.