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A Step towards cheat-free examinations

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The recent rise in the cases of paper ‘leakages’ in key exams such as CBSE and CLAT has led the authorities to rethink the way in which exams are conducted. Deploying technological tools for conducting exams is one thing every educational institute is looking at to curb unfair means in exams. Online testing platforms such as Jupsoft Technologies’ iExam can help in conducting remote online exams securely and easily. Features like remote proctoring facility help in verifying the candidates and in monitoring the tests, thus taking the online assessment industry to a new high. Conventional exams and assessments are time consuming and involve multiple challenges for the administrators. Using unfair means during exams is one of them. To prevent students from copying during tests, iExam has been reinforced with the following useful features

PreShuffling the questions

Changing the sequence of questions for each student can prevent them from copying their partners’ answers.

  • Shuffling the answers Shuffling the answer options for multiple choice tests is another feature that makes iExam more secure and reliable, as each student receives a different set from the rest.
  • Random questions from question bank This feature allows the software to select random alternate questions from the question bank to prepare a question paper, thus making each paper unique.
  • Time limitation Time limit can be set for questions, thereby deterring any efforts towards cheating.
  • Verification of candidates With the use of video facility and face recognition facility, candidates can be verified and proxy examinees can be punished or disqualified.
  • Proctoring facility This feature helps in remotely monitoring the tests with the help of screen share, etc., thereby discouraging unfair means.
  • Online assessment platforms are proving to be reliable platforms for testing in not just educational institutes, but in corporate houses as well.
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