What’s in store for Recruiters

What’s in store for Recruiters

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Organisation invest money, time, and efforts to find and hire the right candidates. However, a poor recruiting and hiring process can cost the organisations their performance efficiency and brand image. Resumes can be misleading. Interviews can be biased or opinionated. Hence the need for pre-employment assessments. An online assessment tool can add great value to any organization, and also speed up the recruitment process.

Pre-employment assessments are good predictors of job performance. They ensure that applicants are selected on the basis of their actual skills and knowledge. These tests can be conducted for skill gap assessment as well. They can be administered quickly and easily through a well-designed software, like Jupsoft’s iExam.

Benefits of iExam for recruiters:

  • With automated and comprehensive reports of candidates based on their performance in the test, it is easy to analyze their strengths and weaknesses without depending on personal judgment, thereby eliminating human bias and errors.
  • An online assessment tool is not only cost effective but also the simplest and most reliable way to identify top talents. Multiple candidates can be evaluated simultaneously, thus saving time, cost and labour.
  • Advanced security features make them cheat-free.
  • An automatic screening and filtering process adds to the brand perception and projects a positive image about the organisation.
  • Candidates feel more secure and are assured of fair play while selecting the candidates.
  • Online assessments can be customized on the basis of roles, job description, industry, market size, current requirement, etc. and are suited to firms of any size.
  • Tests can be administered anytime. Candidates can take the assessments from anywhere in the world, with the help of any browser and any device with theInternet facility
  • organisation can develop their own specific tests in different formats and with different settings like timed, instant scores, etc. and use a wide variety of question types.
  • Tests can be personalized and customized by adding organisation logo, colours, etc.
  • Instant results speed up the process. Data can also be archived for later reference.

iExam is helping numerous organizations to develop and administer tests for pre-employment

and skills gap assessment. It runs in the cloud, which makes it trouble free, installation free and auto-upgradable. The simplest solution for your recruiting needs. Happy recruiting!