What Features Should Have In ERP Software To Analyse Student Performance?

What Features Should Have In ERP Software To Analyse Student Performance?

Friday | January 10, 2020

ERP nowadays becomes popular for its vivid functioning. It is not only helpful for management but also gives space to students groom and grows. There are various features an ERP can have to measure or analyze the performance of every student. 

Features of ERP software to analyze student performance:

Examination system
This kind of software helps to keep records and manage the process of the examination excellently. There is a complete liability to set a module as per your choice. It has modules for every board like state, CBSE, NCRT, and ICSE.

Assignment management system
To analyze the performance of students, it has a complete assignment management system . Teachers can use this to give assignments to students and figure out their level of knowledge. It is suitable for teachers to manage and check at a regular interval as well as students can also find it useful to try over the traditional medium of the assignment.

Attendance system:
Most of the time, the performance of the student can be judged by their seriousness or presence in the class. If a student is serious about studies and attending the class properly, then it is interesting to learn something new. In this case, manual attendance can be tricky and requires lots of calculation, while ERP has the power to mark and filter attendance records easily.

Discussion panel:
To beat the competitive market place and secure the position, the student should part in the discussions. It gives the right space for students to progress where they can interact, know, and understand different perspectives and share their own. ERP also has the option to ask question, suggestions and give answers which can clear basics as well. 

So, these top 4 features school management system should have to analyze the performance of students.