Vacations are Fun

Wednesday | May 23, 2018

Vacation means no studies, no homework and no specific time table for children. It’s the time kids eagerly wait for throughout the year.

However, it is a trying time for parents. Controlling all that energy and excitement, while keeping them constructively engaged is a task indeed. Children get bored easily these days and turn to TV, tablets or other electronic gadgets for entertainment. It is important to keep children indoors while also restricting TV, mobile, and digital game time.

Here are a few ideas to keep children entertained, active and happy during the vacations.

  • Creative Arts
  • Drawing, colouring and painting is one of the best ways to keep your children engaged. This gives wings to their imagination and creativity. Let them experiment with colours, media, and different types of art styles. They can join some art classes or engage in different crafts.
  • Connect with the Family
  • This is a great activity that promotes family bonds and helps children connect with their roots. Let children visit and interact with different family members and create a family tree or family scrap book where facts, relationships, photographs, and memories of family members can be noted and showcased.
  • Grandparents are repositories of knowledge, experiences and memories. Allow children to spend time with their grandparents and listen to their stories. It will be a unique learning experience for children and make their family sense stronger.
  • Engage in Active Fun
  • Let your child indulge in his/her favourite sport or physical activity like dance, yoga, acrobatics, swimming, badminton, football, tennis, etc. It not only keeps the body healthy, fit and strong, but also helps in mental growth. It is the best way to teach your children teamwork, leadership, decision making, etc.
  • Let them Explore
  • Children are full of curiosity. Let children explore new places or simply observe the natural world. Let them spot and learn about different kinds of plants, animals or birds. They may even learn about how things work if they are interested in gadgets. Let them tinker with things based on their interest and create new things. Appreciate their creations – however weird they may be – to encourage imagination and creativity. Remember, all good ideas were first thought to be weird and impractical.
  • Organise a Trip
  • Plan a long vacation with your kids in their summer holidays. This is the time when kids can spend fun time with their family. It also allows parents to make a strong bond with their kids. A vacation helps children to experience different cultures, explore new places and develop a taste for things which are different from routine.
  • Teach them to be Independent
  • Ask children to help you in simple household chores like folding clothes, arranging books and toys, drying utensils and plates, cleaning the room, watering the plants, feeding the pets, etc.
  • Gardening
  • Plants are our lifeline. Encourage kids to plant seeds or saplings and take care of them. Planting seeds and watching them grow helps children learn about the growth process, the environment and the food they eat. Weeding and watering a garden encourages physical activity and teaches responsibility.

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