User-Friendly Features of a School ID Design Software

Monday | December 02, 2019

An ID card is an integral part of any educational institution. From students to staff members, all are required to wear one. Given the number and the regularity with which the ID cards need to be issued by any educational institution, most want the software for ID design to be user-friendly and drooling out designs that are eclectic. For it, the software must have a number of attractive features. We walk You through a few of the desirable features.

Image capturing
An integral part of an ID is the image of the person to whom the card is issued. Thus, the school management software should have only such an ID design software integrated that is compatible with all digital cameras. It should always produce the right image with the face in the proper position. The contrast should be automatically adjusted to improve the overall quality of the image. The integration of the photo in the database should also be seamless along with a quick storing option.

Unique designs with oodles of templates
Most educational institutions would like to have their unique design in their IDs so that it is easily recognizable even from far away. This implies that the software should offer them plenty of ready-made templates that they can tweak easily to create some unique designs for their ID cards.

Printing and encoding
The ID card software should always have a card printing software as well. It is preferable if the software is such that it can print on both sides of the software at a single click. They must also be capable enough to program the magnetic tape that is situated on the back of the ID card if required.

Wrapping up
There is no dearth of ID printing software available in the market today. But you must choose one that has all the features that you need and also integrates well with your school management software.