Smart Step Towards Smart Admissions

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The admission process of schools, colleges and universities has undergone a colossal change in the digital age. The Internet and digital technologies have invaded every area of the educational sector, including admissions.

To make the admission process hassle-free, quicker and easy, most institutes have or are deploying ERP solutions. A digitized admission module scores over the manual procedure with multiple benefits.

  • Mobile devices can be used to apply and enroll into the courses of choice. So, one can apply in a number of institutes and courses in a very short time span from within the comfort of his/her home.
  • Paper-based admission process is very demanding in terms of time, labour and resources. Moreover, it is also prone to errors. Online forms, on the other hand, are easy to sort and also help in preventing unnecessary stress, confusion, queues, and queries.
  • By going digital, an institute makes itself more accessible to students who are far away. A digital footprint can attract the best of faculties, students and even accreditation from the stalwarts of international educational arena.
  • Technology empowered smart admission process also has a huge impact on the rankings and brand image of a school, college or university.
  • System generated quick and accurate reports can help in quality decision-making and in shortlisting students.
  • Communication can be instant. It can be efficiently managed via email, SMS, live chat options, or push notifications.

It is easy to correlate the success of smart schools and colleges with a smart admission management system . The admission procedure builds the first impression and provides a preview of the institution where one will study for the next few years. It better be good – ’cause even good institutions may fail to attract good students due to an old-school image!

So, which is your style – old school or futuristic?