Pace Up the Placements

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The placement cell is an essential part of universities and colleges that deal with professional and technical courses. A good placement cell, that can guide and help students after graduation to land a first-rate job, helps them feel secure. It is beneficial for the students as they don’t have to run around applying for jobs. It is better for the colleges as good companies visiting a campus is testimony to the fact that the college is a reputed one and that it provides best-in-class education! This is the reason why an increasing number of colleges today are setting up a dedicated placement cell for their students.

A good placement cell should have a good data handling capability. All details pertaining to both students and companies should be available for the authorized personnel at the click of a button. To pace up, streamline and simplify the placement process, most placement cells rely on a good ERP system.

Jupsoft’s Placement Module takes care of all essential tasks of a placement cell and enables a smoother, more effective and efficient process. It serves as a communication platform between the colleges, students and employers. The module helps colleges to create extensive student and company databases. Students can upload and update their resume, sift through job profiles, check company profiles, and apply to companies with the help of a specific user ID and password. Placement officers can send customized invites to companies, schedule interviews, post jobs and training opportunities, shortlist students on the basis of selection criteria, upload and update information, notify students and companies regarding last dates, selection procedures, finalized candidates, etc. with the help of the module. The automated solution manages and also tracks campus placements for future purposes. Feedback gathered from companies and students help in fueling improvements, while analytical reports help in enhancing the overall experience.

Benefits | For Colleges

  • Manage students’ profile
  • Attract more employers
  • Boost placement opportunity
  • Enhanced brand image
  • Placement directory
  • Reduced cost of placement initiatives
  • Greater student satisfaction

Benefits | For Students

  • Quicker and easier placement process
  • 24x7 access to counselors
  • More job and training opportunities
  • Enhanced analyzing capabilities
  • Better remuneration packages due to enhanced brand value
  • Job alerts

Benefits | For Employers/ Consultants

  • Improved hiring speed & efficiency
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Better response to vacancies
  • More transparency
  • Verified database of students
  • Online recruitment and communication facilities