Integrating School ERP System
With RFID- Benefits 

Monday | October 21, 2019

Today, you have numerous ERP school management software available to streamline administrative and various other aspects of educational institution management. The system has been available for ages now but it is still undergoing up-gradation and improvement to enhance the entire workflow.

One of the major pain areas of any educational institution is to correctly track the attendance of both the staff and the students. The problem can be easily addressed by integrating the ERP school management system with the RFID.

What is RFID?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that utilizes radio waves to detect and read information stored on any object on its RFID tag. A big advantage is that the reader is not required to be in direct touch with the object but can read it even from a distance. They are a highly efficient system and can even read multiple cards, books, or objects at one go. Often the RFID tag is attached to the student's identification cards.

Benefits of integrating the school ERP system and RFID

The good news is that You can easily integrate the school ERP system with the RFID technology. The RFID tag is attached usually to the student’s identity card which is then easily tracked to know of the student’s and staff’s movements and actions. Now that we know how it is done, let us throw light on the benefits of integrating your ERP school management software with RFID. Stay hooked!

Automation of the attendance management system

As already stated, the most obvious benefit is the significant reduction and hassle taken in manual tracking of attendance. Because of the RFID enabled identity card the machine can easily detect the entry and exit time of each passerby. Apart from daily tracking, it also gives you monthly, yearly and all kinds of analysis report that you might be looking for. Thus, it makes the entire attendance tracking process automated and reduces plenty of human error and time consumption. The process gets streamlined in the most precise manner.

Enhanced student security

One of the biggest responsibilities of the teachers and the school management team is to ensure the complete safety and security of the children. Earlier it was easy for any student to slip out of the door by successfully eluding everyone’s eye. While the human eye can be beaten, the technological eye cannot be beaten. It would always capture any students’ movement.

The great news is that one can easily set up automation of the attendance system and even send automated app notifications, SMS, emails, WhatsApp notifications, etc. to all concerned parties such that the attendance and the whereabouts of the student is easily tracked. Anything amiss is easily identified and both parents and teachers can take immediate action and help avert any potential crisis. This brings relief to one of the major pain areas of any school’s responsibility.

Integration with the classroom timetable

RFID facilitates easy integration with the classroom’s timetable and schedule. The data collected by the RFID is easily fed into ERP school management software. This, in turn. helps the management to track each class individually and collect various types of reports like the attendance subject-wise, class-wise, etc.

Curb malpractices like buddy punching

ERP school management systems integrated with the RFID technology becomes fully automated and thus become more secure against malpractices like the tampering of attendance data, buddy punching, etc. It allows differential access rights. This implies that staff and students will have only that access permission which you have provided to them. They will not be able to access data whose permission is denied to them.

Wrapping up

While the ERP streamlines the entire management of all aspects of the school; the RFID does so for the attendance tracking of the students and its staff to increase the efficiency by miles. Hence, it is a smart move to integrate ERP with RFID in schools.