Ensure These Must-Have Features in The School Management Software

Tuesday | November 05, 2019

School authorities are always looking to streamline their functions and management to run the institution more efficiently and impart better and more effective education to its students. To make this daunting task simple; school management software has been fast becoming the bane of many educational institutions. But this can only be achieved if the institutions verify the presence of the following must-have features in their
school management system.

Admission process

It is the first must-have feature. Any school management software must have everything needed for the complete process of admission. Right from the online form filing to compiling all data, interviewing options, examination options, etc. are all required for the process. The feature will not only save huge piles of paperwork and their processing but also plenty of time and effort of the institute.

Attendance facility

The second important feature to look into is the attendance tracking feature. This feature needs to function both for the students as well as the staff and management people. It would definitely eliminate the tiresome process of taking the rollcall of students and tracking each staff member’s presence. It would be a bonus if the software also has a feature of sending the notification to the parents of their child’s attendance. It enhances the security of the child.


Most of the school management software has the online examination software embedded in it. It not only reduces plenty of workload and hassles of the teachers but also makes the entire examination process more fair, secure and cheating proof. It not only tracks the examinations, keeps a question bank, holds records of all examinations reports but also manages the schedule of examinations. All concerned can receive notifications by their preferred method like email, SMS, etc. It arouses confidence in teachers, students, and parents.

Cloud facilitation

The best school management software is always cloud-based with browser-based accessibility. It makes accessibility of data from any location and anywhere easily accessible. The data is also more secure. It also facilitates easy scalability and plenty of other benefits. You must always go for a cloud-based or SAAS based software for schools and other educational institutions.

Staff management

It is a no-brainer that the students need to be managed in the school. But like them, the staff also needs to be managed. It means managing their attendance, breaks, productivity, holidays, leaves, payrolls, etc. For this HR-based software is always integrated into the school software. It makes calculating and releasing salaries easier as well as bringing any disciplinary behaviors into the limelight.

Library management

No school is complete without a library. But managing a library is a tall task. This makes the inclusion of the library automation software a must-have feature for any school management software. It helps in placing and locating books in the library more organized and easily trackable. It also makes the task of issuing of books and tracking them a breeze. Moreover, they keep a separate account of each student to know their entire library profile and their behavior regarding issuing and returning of books.


It might seem strange but any school ERP must have the feature of communicating. By communication, we mean that it should be able to notify both the students and the staff about school news and notifications like fees dues, exams, upcoming holidays and other information that needs to be conveyed. Basically, it eliminates the need for the notice board and acts as a personal messenger to all related to school. It uses various methods for it like the email, SMS, push notifications and even uploading of the necessary information in the lines of a bulletin board.

Wrapping up

With all the above features, you will face no challenge in running any school most efficiently.