Educational Trends in 2018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The year 2017 saw an increasing number of schools and colleges move towards automation and institution management systems. Right from computer-based tests, online admission process, cloud-based data storage to eye-catching websites and all-at-a-glance dashboards, 2017 witnessed strengthening of the bond between technology and education more than ever before.

With the onset of the New Year, the education industry is now focusing on the latest developments in technology, and how they can be used in the educational paradigm. Here are a few practical and forward looking predictions that can take the educational sector by storm in the coming months.

  • AR and VR
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the new trendsetters of today. The VR headsets are moving beyond games and horror scenes, and stepping into the learning arena. This immersive technology can be adopted as a powerful learning tool due of its ability to provide a real world feel at very low costs. One can explore far flung places, connect with historical events and monuments, experience the life of an animal or bug, or simply observe new geographies through this piece of technology. Integrating and mapping the technology with the courses can make the classes more inclusive, innovative and interesting.
  • Quality in spite of rising costs
  • In the wake of rising expenses, the cost of education is also bound to rise. To deliver quality education in the face of intense competition, schools and colleges will increasingly adopt ERP solutions to bring down the costs in the long run. Institution management systems like Jupsoft eConnect can go a long way in saving resources, paper and manpower costs.
  • Learning Anywhere and Everywhere
  • It has already been established that learning should be continuous and ubiquitous. Social media, Internet, live chat and live streaming options have enabled learning to move beyond the four walls of a classroom. Latest features of institution management systems allow students to remotely access their classroom and study material through a secure portal. Whether one is away, sick or multi-tasking, one can always catch up with the missed lectures from anywhere at any time! One can also clarify his/her doubts through instant messaging or mailing facilities available on the portal.
  • Behaviour Tracking and Analytics
  • Schools have an innate responsibility of developing good human beings. Morals and values are as important as good grades in different subjects. Continuous data collection, analysis and reports can help in nurturing a student and guiding him/her to the right path. Counsellors and guides can benefit a lot from such reports.

In 2018, apart from automation, analytics, multi-platform accessibility, on-the-go accessibility, and efficient management of vast quantities of data will be on the differentiating factor for ERP solution providers. Personalized curriculum will also be on the charts.

As the world around us changes, so do our technologies. Hence, one should select a management system that is scalable, flexible and can be easily upgraded; so that it does not become obsolete with the changing trends.

To make the best of what you have, or upgrade your system, connect with a Jupsoft consultant now.