Be a Smart Teacher

Be a Smart Teacher

Wednesday Jan 31, 2019

What makes a good teacher? Is it their knowledge and education? Is it their authoritativeness? Is it their ability to make students score well? Or is it their class management skills?

Good teachers are essentially good guides, whose focus is to guide the children to be good learners. Good teachers just don’t impart knowledge, but make their students hungry for more. In other words, they nurture the learning ability of students.

In today’s world, the possibilities are endless. With some creative, innovative and positive thinking, teachers can guide their students to work wonders! Technology has made it possible for teachers to be less stressed, and more innovative and flexible in their teaching. Here are a few tips for teachers who believe in working smart instead of working hard!

  • Get Inspired:
    Make use of the Internet to get inspired. Find out innovative methods to deal with the concepts you are about to teach. Learn about some fun class strategies or games you can link to your concept to make it more interesting.
  • Make use of technology:
    Get to know all the features and options there are in your school management system or ERP that your school is using. It can save you an extraordinary amount of time! For example, you could see the pattern of errors a child is committing with the help of data analysis, and take remedial action accordingly. You could create quizzes which can be graded automatically. Or send a circular to all the parents at the click of a mouse!
  • Communicate:
    Don’t just talk to parents, communicate with them for effective collaboration. Try to mutually find out a way to guide the students who are in need.
  • Be in touch with peers:
    Take the help of social media to be in touch with your peers. Be in the know-how of the latest in the industry. See how teachers around the globe are evolving every day.
  • Create and update lesson plans:
    Develop and save lesson plans in advance to make your class time interesting, motivating and successful. For example, the lesson plan module of Jupsoft eConnect K-12 helps you to prepare, modify, store and share lesson plans and resources for effective teaching.
  • Involve the students:
    Effective teachers understand that learning is about exploring the unknown. Make students research a topic and present it in class. Then use a question-answer session to further probe the topic or clear the doubts.
  • Use visual aids:
    Visual aids like charts, images, graphs and even videos can help students retain information better than just text material. It also helps to break the monotony of long paragraphs and complex passages.
  • Compliment positive behavior and achievements:
    Encourage positive behavior in the classroom by praising exemplary manners or special efforts.
  • Get personal:
    Get to know your students – their strengths and weaknesses. Check out previous year’s data to know exactly where to begin. Personalize teaching for the weaker students to suit their learning needs. Take the help of a good school management system like Jupsoft’s eConnect K-12 that tracks and analyses student data over the years to provide a clear picture to teachers.
  • Hope these tips will help you attain more contentment as a professional and provide you sustainability in your career. Happy Teaching!