Banking on Question Banks

Banking on Question Banks

Friday, August 10, 2018

Aquestion bank helps you get the most out of online test developing solutions. After you upload a list of questions to be used in a test, you can sit back and relax while the computer does the work for you by shuffling the questions to create different sets of question papers. You may upload extra questions – say 50 questions for a test of 30 questions – and the software will choose the questions randomly to create a different set of questions each time someone goes for the test.

Creating a question bank is beneficial in many ways. Foremost, it helps in preventing copying and cheating, as each student gets a different set of questions, and in a difference sequence (even if the questions are same). Secondly, it gives you more scope to add questions from a wider area with a bigger set of questions. Thirdly, it is easy to update, add and change questions as per need. Finally, it is easy to validate tests and procure data on questions with the help of a question bank.

It is possible to create online tests without creating question banks, but this would hold back many advantages and benefits of online testing, and hence is not advisable. Question banks can be seen as a virtual collection of questions, which is easy to share, validate, review and update on a regular basis.

While uploading items, one should always ensure that the questions are clear and not ambiguous, are technically accurate and applicable to the desired outcome, and error free in terms of spelling and grammar.

Testers can create, store and manage multiple question banks, which can be organized into different folders as per subject, objective, level of difficulty, grade, question type, etc. Questions may be added to the folders by manually typing them in or by importing them from external text or spreadsheet files. By compiling an extensive list of questions, it becomes easy to build a variety of tests to suit multiple purposes.

Jupsoft Technologies’ iExam allows you to generate exclusive tests in just a few clicks. You may select questions from one or more question banks to create a unique test. You can also set the number of questions that should be picked at random from the banks. If you wish to try this and many more amazing features of the online test developer iExam, just click here.