5 Innovative Methods and Strategies to Teach Effectively

Wednesday | October 30, 2019

One of the most challenging tasks for any teacher is to keep their students engaged, and bring about actual learning. It means capturing their interest and curiosity such that their passion and motivation for learning goes to the next level. A big aid to them has come from technology.

Technology is impacting every aspect of education today. The administrative side is made smoother and more streamlined with various school management software. Technology has also created various tools that help any teacher teach far more effectively. Here, we list a few innovative methods and techniques that have a proven record of imparting education far more effectively.

Teaching using Smartboards

Smartboards are an excellent medium to give life to bookish materials and get the students’ engagement to a maximum for a fun-filled and deep understanding of the topic. The information is imparted through an interactive and visual medium. Numerous dynamic multimedia content is used here that makes the students captivated and engrossed in the topic and makes learning much easier.

Teaching through Virtual Reality

3D technology is exploding today and taking over all aspects of communication. It is not only centerstage in games today but is also the way for presentations in the corporate world today. It is also an excellent medium to teach students at all grades and levels. Even extremely boring and hard to remember subjects like history can be given a fresh lease of life using this technological gift.

Ancient civilizations, a glimpse of outer space, other countries, etc. are all topics that can be learned effortlessly by this innovative immersive experience. It is bound to create a lasting impression in the minds of the students and make the entire learning process far easier. The students are also less likely to forget the learned material and are bound to emerge as true learners.

Teaching through Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an integral part of school management software for the smooth functioning and management of the school. It can also be exploited to expedite and trigger deep and long-lasting learning amongst the students. For instance, teachers can use it via the school management system to save all kinds of vital resource materials like audio lessons, assignments, challenging question papers, lesson plans, etc.

The best part about it that once given limited rights; students can access it even from the comforts of their home. They can then easily learn in case they have missed their classes for any reason or simply reinforce their learning again. It can be used creatively in a variety of ways to make learning interesting and easier for even the dullest of students.

Learning through 3D Printing Technology

Learning via 3D printing technology is becoming increasingly popular on a global scale today. Its popularity is more in higher educational institutes than the lower grade ones. 3D printers make creating prototypes of complex concepts possible. This makes it easier for students to assimilate knowledge and apply it in a creative manner to induce real learning.

Learning by Doing Science

Today technology has made available remote lab systems that make the learning more interactive, interesting and more robust. The system was first available for only scientists and university students but is today easily accessible to teachers and school students as well.

The lab has all possible apparatus and equipment. They are operated by robotic arms and students can actively watch the experiment unfold to its results and conclusion via user-friendly web interfaces. The students thus acquire knowledge through investigation and direct experimentation and experience.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of other innovative tools, and creative ways launched today that lays stress on real-time and experiential learning for a deeper impact.