Monday | March 16, 2020

What School Fees Management Software Can Offer You.

Nowadays, schools are getting updated with advanced technology. School management software is one of the technological advancement that helps to solve numerous problems.

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Monday | February 10, 2020

What Educational Institutes Can Reap To Use Cloud Technology?

Higher Education system is shifting over cloud technology not advances their process and system without error. Starting the cloud system is considered as the toughest job to do but, after 2-3 months,

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Friday | January 31, 2020

Solution That Suits Best To Challenges Of Cloud Education ERP Implementation

Cloud Education ERP with the technical advancement is showing growth and getting accepted by various organizations. It is basically a data keeper of students.

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Monday | January 20, 2020

5 Things That Will Tell You Update Your School Management Software

Upgrading is significant, either it is in the syllabus or school management software. Institutes are using this software but, somewhere they are not satisfied

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Friday | January 10, 2020

What Features Should Have In ERP Software To Analyse Student Performance?

ERP nowadays becomes popular for its vivid functioning. It is not only helpful for management but also gives space to students groom and grows.

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Tuesday | December 31, 2019

Why Online Attendance Management Software Is Beneficial For Schools?

Do you remember the time when education institutes used attendance register to mark present and absenteeism?

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Thursday | December 19, 2019

Why does your school need a school management system?

School Management System plays a fundamental job in the current educational framework. Teachers, everywhere throughout the world are occupied

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Tuesday | December 10, 2019

Top 5 Mistakes Educators Do While Implementing Education ERP

Technology is useful in today's era for everything. From maintaining our everyday life to managing complex school process, it can do everything.

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Monday | December 02, 2019

User-Friendly Features of a School ID Design Software

An ID card is an integral part of any educational institution. From students to staff members, all are required to wear one.

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Tuesday | November 26, 2019

Various benefits offered by integrating the school ERP System with RFID

Radio frequency Identification (RFID) is an advanced technology that is used by the educational institutions today.

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Tuesday | November 05, 2019

Ensure These Must-Have Features in The School Management Software

School authorities are always looking to streamline their functions and management to run the institution more efficiently and impart better and more ..

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Wednesday | October 30, 2019

5 Innovative Methods and Strategies to Teach Effectively

One of the most challenging tasks for any teacher is to keep their students engaged, and bring about actual learning.

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Monday | October 21, 2019

Integrating School ERP System
With RFID- Benefits

Today, you have numerous ERP school management software available to streamline administrative and various other aspects of educational institution management.

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Saturday | October 05, 2019

Common Mistakes Made While Implementing Education ERP Software

The benefits of ERP school management software need no testimony. However, it can only be reaped if you are installing it correctly

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Friday | September 27, 2019

Tips to Make Your School ERP Software Perform Optimally

Today, productivity is the ultimate parameter on which any individual or institution is measured for its efficiency and profitability.

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Saturday | September 21, 2019

Taking a Leap Ahead and Revolutionizing Academic Functions

The impact of technology is seen in all major business sectors. The education industry is also not immune to it.

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Friday | July 19, 2019

Make the Functioning of Your School Effortless with Up-To-Date Software 

It is a tendency of every individual to prefer an allegro technique to do any work.

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Saturday | June 29, 2019

ERP for institutes How can it be your ultimate solution 

it hardly matters whether you are running a large or small institute.

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Monday | May 20, 2019

Why Should Students Rely on School Management Software? 

A school plays a very important role in building students' careers and the nation..

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Wednesday | May 08, 2019

Cloud Based School Management Software

Cloud-Based School Management Software: A Renaissance in Modern Educational System "Change is the law of nature".

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Thursday | March 14, 2019

Don’ts for Students using Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool, and can be used by institutions to enrich their educational programmes.

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Wednesday | January 31, 2019

Be a Smart Teacher

What makes a good teacher? Is it their knowledge and education? Is it their authoritativeness? Is it their ability to make students score well? Or is it their class management skills?

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Wednesday | January 23, 2019

Effective Tips to Boost your Performance in Exams

Exams do not mean that you need to bury your head in books and stay up all the night studying! It will do you no good. So, do not panic. Here are some effective tips..

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Friday | January 18, 2019

Creating an Eco-friendly Classroom

It is said that charity begins at home. So does eco-friendly habits. But sometimes, such habits need to be cultivated at school. Especially in a country like

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Monday | December 31, 2018

Tech Trends 2019

The use of technology in the educational arena has grown by leaps and bounds. While some technologies have become obsolete, some others have become the mainstay of the industry.

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Monday | December 17, 2018

Why Choose a Web-Based School Management System

You may feel that a traditional desktop school management system is doing fine. Why should you opt for a cloud-based one?

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Monday | December 10, 2018

Why Do You Need a School Management System?

Gone are the days when parents used to queue up in front of schools for every single procedure like admission, paying the fees, or even meeting the teachers!

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Friday | December 07, 2018

Must Have Tools for a Smart Classroom

Children are becoming more and more obsessed with technology and gadgets these days. It’s time to cash in on their interest and replace t..

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Monday | December 03, 2018

Formative Assessment with Tech Tools

Formative assessment is a great tool by which teachers can ascertain and ensure that students are able to grasp what is being taught. An assessment becomes formative....

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Friday | October 26, 2018

What to Look For in Test Maker Software

We know that choosing a test generator can be difficult, confusing and time-consuming; especially for those institutions or companies that have many variables to consider. 

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Friday | August 10, 2018

Banking on Question Banks

A question bank helps you get the most out of online test developing solutions. After you upload a list of questions to be used in a test, you can sit back and relax while the computer

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Thursday | July 26, 2018

Tips for Remote Campus Hiring

Hiring freshers and going for campus recruitments have proved to be very advantageous for large corporates. So much so, that even smaller companies have started following their footsteps

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Tuesday | July 17, 2018

A step towards cheat-free examinations

The recent rise in the cases of paper ‘leakages’ in key exams such as CBSE and CLAT has led the authorities to rethink the way in which exams are conducted.

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Tuesday | July 03, 2018

Online Assessments

Companies invest money, time, and efforts to find and hire the right candidates. However, a poor recruiting and hiring process can cost the companies their performance efficiency and brand image

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Friday | May 23, 2018

Vacations are Fun

Vacation means no studies, no homework and no specific time table for children. It’s the time kids eagerly wait for throughout the year.

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Friday | April 20, 2018

SAAS Advantage

The ERP industry is in a constant flux, always striving to adapt to the needs of its users. Vendors are ever ready to innovate, tweak and refine their systems and solutions to meet the changing customer requirements.

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Wednesday | April 11, 2018


The ERP industry is in a constant flux, always striving to adapt to the needs of its users. Vendors are ever ready to innovate, tweak and refine their systems and solutions to meet the changing customer requirements.

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Thursday | March 22, 2018


The smart cards have been around since the 1980s. The new generation smart cards are smarter than their older cousins, as they feature magnetic strips for additional durability and security.

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Thursday | February 15, 2018


The placement cell is an essential part of universities and colleges that deal with professional and technical courses. A good placement cell, that can guide and help students after graduation to land a first-rate job.

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Wednesday, | January 31, 2018


From the reception area to the staff room, from the cafeteria to the classroom, the latest electronic notice board solutions offer an exciting.

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Thursday | February 15, 2018


The Reception or the Front Office serves as the public face for any school, office or institution. Each day, dozens of parents, community members.

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Thursday | February 15, 2018


The past year saw many bone-chilling events taking place in the schools of our country. The tragic events have brought to light the serious...

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Tuesday | February 6, 2018


The past year saw many bone-chilling events taking place in the schools of our country. The tragic events have brought to light the serious security lapses.

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